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We increase the impact of individuals, teams, and organizations with power skills - the knowledge and skills that maintain your strength and keep you moving forward.

The power of professional development and personal growth. The world around us is always evolving. So how do you stay relevant as an individual or an organization? How do you ensure that you go in strong every time you face a new, challenging situation? That you not only follow developments but control them? This requires the ability to learn and adapt. A unique combination of personal skills, insight, and knowledge. In other words: power skills. With these skills, we empower you. With these skills, we help people, teams, and organizations to maintain their strength and keep moving forward. We do this with the best education, training, bachelors, and masters we have to offer.

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Education & Training
  • Training & Education
  • Masters, master modules & master classes
  • HBO, bachelor’s & post-HBO
  • Vocational training

the learning company


At Relevance, we believe that development should be available to everyone. By helping employees in organizations to develop, people and organizations become stronger, more innovative, and more resilient. That is how we help people and organizations to remain relevant in a changing environment, now and in the future.

Relevance provides in-company learning and development programs in the field of leadership, power skills and change management. Our unique combination of people and technology makes learning experiences with us personal, adaptive and social. We are proud of our L&D consultants, the project centre, our international network of 700+ trainers and coaches and the online learning platform. This allows us to roll out standard or custom learning programs for companies and organizations all over the world. With Relevance, you put learning at the heart of your organization!

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  • Leadership
  • Power skills
  • Change management
  • In-company & Custom

training institute

First-rate internationally accredited training programs

Welcome to Competence! We deliver first class internationally accredited training programs within 9 countries in Europe.

We do this as the official license partner of the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), CRR Global and Leadership Embodiment. Our portfolio of courses consists of the ICF accredited courses:

  • Co-Active Coaching and Leadership
  • Organization and Relationship Systems coaching (ORSC)
  • Leadership Embodiment

At Competence we believe that when people, go hand in hand, teams and organizations professional development and personal growth become stronger. Based on the same conviction, we offer a personal approach. Our passionate teams strive for the best possible quality and service for our customers and participants. We are curious and would love to hear more about your dream or ambition!

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  • Co-Active Coach Training by CTI
  • Organization and Relationship Systems coaching (ORSC)
  • Leadership Embodiment
  • All training programs are ICF accredited

Measure, activate and develop

Insight. Development. Result.

You want vital, engaged employees who take responsibility for their sustainable employability and do not waste money on ineffective training.

But where do you begin? How do you stimulate personal leadership and self-direction of employees? How do you use your development budget effectively? Realise offers scans, measuring tools and activation programs for individuals, teams and organisations. Together with our customers, we build meaningful, vital and excellent organizations. We use targeted interventions to improve your employees' working climate, well-being and active involvement. Data-driven and with measurable results.

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Measure, activate and develop
  • Employee survey
  • Development issue scan
  • Vitality and Well-being activation programs
  • Team scan & team development
  • Organization scan & development

New Dawn


The only thing we know for sure is that nothing stays the same. Embracing that continuous movement is the foundation of success. Personally, and as an organization.

This starts with an organizational culture in which change is not experienced as a task but as a basic principle. As an opportunity to become even better and more relevant to the world around you every single day. New Dawn is committed to igniting that will to learn. We do this with innovative coaching programs such as Unlimited Coaching, which gives all employees within an organization unlimited access to a coach. By doing this, we want to usher in a new future in which the entire Dutch working population is allowed to become stronger, be the best version of themselves and achieve even greater personal and common goals. We can't wait to see what a new day can bring.

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  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Managed Coaching
  • Unlimited Coaching

HR consultancy


As an organization, you know that the employees are important. But as an employer, you sometimes face complicated HR issues. We unburden, support and advise. On an operational, tactical & strategic level.

Our HR Check gives you insight into the current situation within your organization. We mainly provide insight into acute risks. For example, do you have a high absenteeism rate compared to other organizations? Do you have insight into your underperformers and their files? Is the salary house still up to date? Are you paying too much or too little in the current labour market? How have you organized your HR cycle? Within five days you will receive clear feedback with insights into the health of your HR policy and advice on opportunities and risks, quick wins and points for improvement. Not in need of a HR Check but you do have a question or project with which you need help? We are happy to be of service.

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HR Consultancy
  • Recruitment
  • HR check
  • Support & advice
  • HR employment law
  • Hybrid working

New Heroes


New Heroes Academy develops and provides soft skill training. High-quality training that makes working and living just a little bit easier.

E-doing, the structure of the training and innovative learning interventions ensure that our training courses make real impact. Impact on the individual and impact on the organization. New Heroes Academy invests in deepening instead of broadening. Together with the customer, we identify challenges within the organization. By applying focus to our offer, we help organizations follow the right training courses at the right time so that the impact is optimal. Implementation at New Heroes consists of care and attention for activation, involvement and renewed focus, in response to new challenges within the organization. With New Heroes Academy we make employees fly.

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Blend Academy
  • Blended learning
  • Online training
  • In-company and customized training
  • E-coaching


The best books for your development

THEMA Publishers is there for anyone who wants to take control of their personal and professional development.

We believe that our readers can take steps themselves to steer their lives and careers in the best possible direction. We are happy to help with that. Do you want to improve or change something about yourself, or about your performance at work, in your team or elsewhere? A book, game or fan can give you just that little bit of support you need. Maybe you are looking for more depth: a really good handbook to do your (future) work with even more confidence. With our expenses you can strengthen yourself and the organization where you work.

All our products originate from and are made for practice.

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  • Books
  • Games & Leaflets
  • E-books
  • Events



Selecting, developing and retaining the best people for your organization. With the smart assessment platform from Ixly.

Talented employees are crucial to the success and even the survival of an organization. In order to find and retain this talent, it is important to gain insight into their hidden talents, competencies and motivations. The Ixly assessment platform helps you with that.

Ixly supports customers worldwide in matching, developing and retaining talents. With more than 50 tests, psychometric games and assessments, we deliver fast, user-friendly HR solutions. All instruments are scientifically substantiated and have been developed by passionate psychologists, psychometrists and software developers. Our mission is to help employers and employees achieve goals, find happiness at work and contribute to productivity. Smartscience. Happy folks.

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  • Selection assessment
  • Assessments for development
  • Assessments for staff retention
  • Career development assessment
  • Career choice test


Online courses with individual teacher

ESKK courses are designed with student comfort in mind. The materials are created by qualified and experienced practitioners and specially developed for distance learning.

The innovative learning method used by Eskk guarantees a high level of content of the courses and their effectiveness. Only at Eskk, each student is "the only one in the class" -  he or she chooses a time and place to study, sets the pace of learning individually and can use the largest number of educational resources available on the market.

In addition, Eskk offer each student the support of an individual teacher.

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Learn online
  • Language courses
  • Professional courses
  • Hobby courses

Nowe Motywacje

Empowering people & teams

We strengthen people and teams in the field of management, sales and personal effectiveness.

By working with clients from different industries, we know that universal solutions are often not sufficient for the specific situation of the client. That is why we develop and implement solutions tailored to the industry and function based on the experience of our trainers-practitioners and consultants. Our best projects are always co-created with clients during our in-house solution design process - Design Room.

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Strong makers
  • Competency training
  • Processes and consultations for HR
  • Consultations and support for business
  • Subsidized training
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