Marcel Thierry

is lead consultant at Schouten & Nelissen and a leadership expert. For over 20 years he has been working as an Organizational Relationship Coach and a global facilitator. He works with big global brands and Dutch governmental organizations. Applying organizational system working and experimental learning, Marcel helps increasing people’s personal leadership, and their effectiveness as a leader to others. Together with Zhaoru Zheng he will facilitate this English break-out session.

The innovative mindset and inner agility

Children think creatively. When we grow older, we seem to lose this natural tendency in favor of a more structured way of thinking. In a complex world we learn to adapt to expectations and avoid taking risks. In other words your mind starts working reactively. But is which is best? How can you be most effective? The answer lies in the combination of both mindsets.

A reactive mind looks for approval and safety. In contrast, a creative mind is courageous and authentic. In this interactive break-out session Zhaoru and Marcel use The Leadership Circle to uncover reactive patterns and help you grow your inner agility. Using reactive structures you can move towards a creative mind. Increase your creative leadership and make innovation work.