Cultural Awareness Incompany

  • Time icon 1 day
  • Price icon €2,500.00
  • 4-14 participants
  • Teaming up with people from other cultures more effectively
  • More insight into intercultural communication and collaboration
  • Prevent miscommunication, frustration and misunderstandings

What can you expect from the training?


Your employee wants to be able to communicate and team up with people from other cultures more effectively

Your employees are involved in cross-border collaboration or in multicultural teams, for example with a multinational. He has noticed that preconceptions sometimes stand in the way of the intercultural collaboration. He feels there is more to be gained from the collaboration if he has better background knowledge of communication and collaboration in different cultures.

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Your results after Cultural Awareness Incompany

By the end of the training course:

  • You will have insight into the different needs, standards and values of the different cultures
  • You discover the influence of culture on communications and collaboration
  • You know your communication and collaboration style
  • You will be able to effectively match your communication and collaboration to the cultural diversity of your work context
  • You can benefit from the potential of intercultural collaboration

Content of Cultural Awareness Incompany

During this English Cultural Awareness Incompany training course, you will gain insight into the diversity among cultures and your own cultural background. The training course will increase and reinforce your intercultural sensitivity. Additionally, you will learn more about cultural dimensions within communications and how to convert the knowledge in your own work practice.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Your own cultural context: needs, standards and values
  • Cultural diversity and hierarchy
  • Cross-cultural collaboration
  • (Virtual) cross-cultural communication



Training days

The course Cultural Awareness Incompany consists of 1 training block of 1 day.

Block 1:

  • 1 day: from 09.30 to 17.00
Group size


The maximum group size for this training is 14 participants. The didactic minimum we use is 4 participants.



After completing the training, Schouten & Nelissen will issue the individual participant with a certificate based on satisfactory attendance and active participation.




For Cultural Awareness Incompany with a maximum of 14 participants, you pay € 2.500,00 (excluding 21% VAT).

This amount includes:

  • Trainer's preparation time
  • Travel expenses
  • Participants' certificate
  • Securing conversation with the client (by Skype or phone)


If your organization does not pay VAT, we can offer this training exempted from the high VAT rate. In this case, we apply a surcharge of 10%. Because you do are not paying the tax, this actually means a reduction of 11%. For this tutorial, the price is than € 2.750,00, exempt from VAT.

Training materials

During the course Cultural Awareness Incompany training materials will be used. The costs depends on the total amount of participants.

The literature materials is € 23,58 (excluding 6% VAT) will be charged per participants and consist of:

  • Cultural Calling Cards

Training location

If your organization have a suitable training location, then is it possible that the course take place there. If you prefer a other location, we charge for a maximum of 14 participants an amount of € 980,00 (excluding 21% VAT)


The invoice transmission occurs up to 4 weeks before the training course. We can start the training with a formal agreement by an authorized signatory.

Invoice requirements

If invoice requirements are mandatory in your organization, such as a cost center or order number, you can submit this to us using the online form. It is also possible to note this at the end of the downloadable document at signing for agreement.



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