Leadership Culture Survey Certification (TLC)

  • Time icon 1 day
  • Price icon €880.00
  • 12-17 participants
  • To sign in you need to be certified for the leadership circle profile
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For experienced individual and team leadership coaches

This 1 day certification program is for leadership development facilitators, consultants, executive coaches, HRD professionals , organizational development professionals and company executives who want to strengthen their coaching skills by working with the most integrated and comprehensive leadership assessment system available. Leadership Circle Certification (TLC) is a course in which you learn to work with the Culture Survey (powerful 360°-feedback instrument).

You are assumed to have a (executive) coaching background already. To be able to sign up for just this one day you need to be certified for Leadership Circle Profile Certification (TLC) already.

As a coach you want the best results for your coaches and or the teams you work with. The Culture survey is a powerful, 360º tool that offers more than just insight into learning competencies. It also gives in-depth insight into motivations, underlying values and assumptions. You can choose for a 3 or 4 day course. After three day course you're allowed to work with Leadership circle profiles and Manager edition profile. After the 4th day your will be allowed to work with the Culture survey (team survey) as well.

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Your results after Leadership Culture Survey Certification (TLC)

What we are up to in this certification …  

  • Explore collective leadership work in YOUR WORK
  • Deepen your understanding of the LCS and LCP Group Report
  • Improve your odds of selling your particular client offerings
  • Give you resources you can draw on to design and deliver

Content of Leadership Culture Survey Certification (TLC)

As a coach you want the best results for your coachee. The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a powerful, 360º tool that offers more than just insight into learning competencies. It also gives in-depth insight into your coachee's motivations, underlying values and assumptions. This tool provides an outstanding basis for increasing your coachee's leadership effectiveness.

The course covers the following subjects: 

  • Leadership competencies
  • Internal assumptions
  • Phases of adult development



1 Training day

Prior to the certification program you will set out your own TLC profile. You ask your supervisor, colleagues, some employees or for example, a customer or (business) partner to fill in a questionnaire to complete your profile. Before the training a debrief will take place with an experienced TLC coach by telephone or skype.

Block 1

  • 1 day from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM

Program steps

The course consists out of the following steps and will take between 3-6 months: 

  • Intake own profile set up (at least 7 evaluators) 
  • Pre-course work
  • Debrief with TLC coach
  • 4 (3+1) days training
  • First debrief with client or team 
  • Reflective learning exercise
  • Feedback call with TLC coach and certification

Group size


The maximum group size for the training course is 17 participants.


ICF accredited (20.25 CCEU's ICF)

The TLCP certification program is accredited by ICF, the largest trade association of coaches in the world. To ICF-accredited courses there are set high quality standards. At the end of the training you will receive a certificate indicating that you have followed 20.25 ICF-accredited training hours (= ACTP).

Dates & Locations

Select a startdate

  • Thu. 12 December 2019
    Available places: 3
    Lesson days and times
    • Thu. 12 December 2019
      09:00 - 17:30

    Dorint Airport-Hotel Zurich
    Riethofstrasse 40
    8152 ZURICH

    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.


Training course 

The training course costs € 880,00 (excluding 21% VAT). 

Do you follow the course privately or via a VAT-exempt organization (for example the government, healthcare or financial institution)? We offer you the possibility to pay no VAT over the course that you would like to register for and also over those items that are inextricably connected to this specific course. If you chose for the VAT-exempt option, the investment in your course will be € 968,00. This option can be selected on the registration form found online, or you can indicate this during your personal registration over the telephone.

Catering and facility costs

Facility costs, coffee/tea and an extensive buffet lunch costs € 70,00 (excluding VAT).


You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your enrollment form. Please insure payment is settled within 30 days or before start of the training, at the latest.



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You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
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