Masterclass Negotiation skills

  • Time icon 3 days
  • Price icon €2,690.00
  • 30-48 participants
  • Learn to upgrade your negotiation skills form the very best: Professor Bordone
  • Recognize the most common hard bargaining behaviors used by difficult people
  • Create maximum value while building sustainable outcomes with stakeholders
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Great leaders are great negotiators

The Masterclass Negotiation skills is aimed at a diverse audience from both the private and public sectors. The program is appropriate for leadership-level persons, across a wide range of job functions including sales, operations, HR, policymaking and marketing as well as for individuals in government and nonprofit sectors. The program is in the English language, proficiency in English is required.

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Your results after Masterclass Negotiation skills

By the end of the masterclass:

  • You can lead even the most complex negotiations
  • You apply effective problem-solving techniques
  • You deal with difficult people
  • You regain control of a negotiation
  • You neutralize threats, lies, and insults
  • You negotiate in uncertain environments-
  • You learnt from the best and you've had a unique masterclass experience

Content of Masterclass Negotiation skills

You will lead at the negotiation table by sharpening your negotiation skills. You will achieve better outcomes by gaining the negotiation strategies you need to negotiate in uncertain environments.

The masterclass covers the following subjects:

  • Manage conflict
  • Practice with confidence by taking part in negotiation scenarios
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Take a deeper dive and explores a specific aspect of negotiation
  • Leveraging the power of emotion
  • Accelerate your negotiation skills




The total duration of the Masterclass is 3 days.

Block 1

  • 3 days from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM

The Masterclass Negotiation Skills will help you to improve working relationships and resolve seemingly intractable disputes. You will evaluate your personal tendencies in the face of conflict and learn to manage your negotiation strengths and weaknesses.

You will recognize the most common hard bargaining behaviors used by difficult people and learn ways to neutralize their effects. You will create maximum value while building sustainable outcomes with stakeholders

Professor Robert Bordone of Harvard Law School is a world renowned expert on negotiating. He will lead this 3-day Masterclass Negotiation Skills. Do not miss your opportunity to learn from the best!

Group size


The maximum group size for the training course is 48 participants.



After this course you will recieve a Schouten & Nelissen certificate.



Prof. Robert C. Bordone

Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Prof. Bordone is the Thaddeus R. Beal Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and the founder of the Harvard Negotiation & Mediation Clinical Program. He teaches several courses at Harvard Law School including the school's flagship Negotiation Workshop. He also teaches in the Harvard Negotiation Institute and the Harvard Program on Negotiation's Senior Executive Education seminars. He is the specialist on negotiation skills with an impressive list of International clients. His programs are based on the latest insights on psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics en game theory.

Dates & Locations

Select a startdate

  • Mon. 02 July 2018
    Den Haag
    Lesson days and times
    • Mon. 02 July 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Tue. 03 July 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Wed. 04 July 2018
      09:30 - 17:30

    The Hague Marriott
    Johan De Wittlaan 30,
    2517JR, Den Haag

    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.



The investment in the masterclass is € 2.690,00 (excluding 21% VAT). Do you follow the course privately or via a VAT-exempt organization (for example the government, healthcare or financial institution)? We offer you the possibility to pay no VAT over the masterclass that you would like to register for and also over those items that are inextricably connected to this specific course. If you chose for the VAT-exempt option, the investment in your masterclass will be € 2.959,00. This option can be selected on the registration form found online, or you can indicate this during your personal registration over the telephone.

Catering and accommodation

Accommodation, coffee/tea and an extensive buffet lunch costs € 210,00 (excluding VAT).


You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your enrollment form. Please insure payment is settled within 30 days or before start of the training, at the latest.

You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
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