Strategic thinking virtual

  • Time icon 2 days
  • Price icon €995.00
  • 4-12 participants
  • Make concrete and active contributions to your organization's strategy
  • Form a stronger vision using proper scenarios of the future 
  • Translate your ideas into concrete actions and interventions
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For anyone who wants to set his/her organization's course

Our courses will always proceed. We find it important that you can continue to strengthen yourself, expand your skills and knowledge. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus makes it impossible to plan face to face meetings until further notice. That is why we will use Virtual Classrooms. Schouten en Nelissen has 40 years of experience in making high quality training programs. We therefore guarantee the same quality and results of our education, whatever form we use. For more information about Virtual Classrooms, please visit Or contact us by phone +31 (0)418-688 510 or email We are here for you.

Target audience

As a manager, consultant, or entrepreneur you see your organization in a broader context. You can see beyond the daily delusion and want to make strategic choices for the future. But you also know that you cannot just pull that future out of a top hat. That is why you need a strong theoretical basis on which you learn to build a concrete strategy simultaneously.

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Your results after Strategic thinking virtual

By the end of the course, you are able to:

  • Analyze and reflect on your organization's strategy
  • Use the correct terminology in a strategic conversation
  • Assess and improve mission and value statements
  • Assess the current situation, vision and strategic options of your organization
  • Describe the business idea for your organization
  • Develop a compelling and robust vision and scenarios for the future 
  • Understand the process of planning and executing the roadmap

Content of Strategic thinking virtual

In a fast-changing business environment, strategic thinking is a strong and invaluable skill to increase your chances of success. Starting from a strong theoretical framework encompassing renowned international views on strategic thinking, you will learn to analyse and reflect on the past and present of organizations and develop a compelling and strong vision for the future.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • The organization's past
  • The present: mission
  • The organization's why and (core) values
  • External analysis
  • The future: scenario planning
  • The strategic question
  • Identification of uncertainties
  • Driving forces
  • Scenario dimensions
  • Building scenarios
  • Developing a compelling and robust vision

This course is based on learning by doing. We accelerate the learning process through interactive homework assignments, presentations, group exercises, buddy coaching, discussions, personal case studies and action planning. By engaging your manager you will get sustainable results.

Keep developing your soft skills with New Heroes

Upon completion of your training you will receive 6 months of access to the online platform New Heroes, where you can continue working on your skills in the field of personal strength, communication and leadership. Everything at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Visit for more information.



Online kick-off

The online kick-off, in which you review your work situation and determine your learning goals, takes place in the digital learning environment, You will start the workplace tasks relevant to your personal work situation seven days before commencement of the training course.


Training days

The total duration of the training course is 5 weeks. The training course consists 2 blocks of 1 day. Your time investment is approximately two hours of self study per week: theoretical and practical through the MijnSN learning community.

Block 1 and 2

  • 1 day from 9.30 AM till 5.00 PM
Group size


The maximum group size for the training course is 12 participants.



On completion of the training course and subject to attendance and active participation, Schouten & Nelissen will award a certificate. Our certificates are highly regarded in the business community.

Dates & Locations

Select a startdate

  • Mon. 18 May 2020
    Lesson days and times
    • Mon. 18 May 2020
      09:30 - 17:00
    • Mon. 08 June 2020
      09:30 - 17:00


    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
  • Tue. 13 October 2020
    Lesson days and times
    • Tue. 13 October 2020
      09:30 - 17:00
    • Tue. 03 November 2020
      09:30 - 17:00

    Regardz La Vie Utrecht
    Lange Viestraat 351
    3511 BK UTRECHT

    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
  • Fri. 18 December 2020
    Lesson days and times
    • Fri. 18 December 2020
      09:30 - 17:00
    • Fri. 08 January 2021
      09:30 - 17:00

    Planetarium Meeting Center BV
    Kromwijkdreef 11

    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.


If a course day is given virtually, the facility costs will be canceled.

Training course 

The training course costs € 995,00 (excluding 21% VAT). 

Do you follow the course privately or via a VAT-exempt organization (for example the government, healthcare or financial institution)? We offer you the possibility to pay no VAT over the course that you would like to register for and also over those items that are inextricably connected to this specific course. If you chose for the VAT-exempt option, the investment in your course will be € 1094,50. This option can be selected on the registration form found online, or you can indicate this during your personal registration over the telephone.

Course material

During the course, study material will be used. Additional costs of € 87,00 (excluding VAT) will be charged.

You will receive:

  • NewHeroes 6 months license
  • Material package
  • Learning environment
  • Business Strategy
  • The Strategy Book (2nd Edition)

The package also contains specific material used in this training course, such as: hand-outs, personal license for the learning community and online tests/scans. You will receive 6 months of access to the New Heroes online platform. If you are already in possession of the above literature or for any other reason do not want us to supply the literature, please indicate this in the comments field on the online registration form or during your telephone registration.

Catering and facility costs

Facility costs, coffee/tea and an extensive buffet lunch costs € 140,00 (excluding VAT). If a course day is given virtually, the facility costs will be canceled.


You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your enrollment form. Please insure payment is settled within 30 days or before start of the training, at the latest.



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You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
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