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Talentscan (also online)

Talentscan (also online)

  • Insight to enlarge and strengthen your potential
  • Tap into values and talents for heartfelt and sustainable change
  • Improve your career development
1 hour (1 Day)
€ 375,00 (VAT not applied)
Starting moment
Will start in February

You will learn this in Talentscan (also online)

The Talentscan is based on the Odin Development Compass (ODC). This is a tool that, in addition to your conscious behavior and thoughts, also questions your subconscious mind.  With the Talentscan we bring to light your learned behaviors, beliefs and associations. We can use this knowledge about your unconscious pitfalls and motives, to gain a greater insight into your happiness at work. With the knowledge from the Talentscan, 30-40% less time is required for an effective coaching process

The Talentscan starts with a 10-minute online questionnaire. Unlike traditional questionnaires, which are limited by conscious self-reporting and language interpretation, the Talentscan combines images and words to identify the unconscious elements of your personality, behaviour and potential.

In a 1-hour debrief a certified coach will look at your results together with you. This will give you insight into your true potential. With this you can work on overcoming your fixed patterns and pitfalls. This will help you with your career development.


The Talentscan gives you insight in:

  • Unconscious motives
  • Your strengths and learned behavior
  • Your behavioral patterns (under stress)
  • What gives you energy, and what drains your energy
  • Which leadership qualities you have
  • How you work most effectively
  • Effective way of learning for you

Get the most out of your talents

Target audience

What are your strengths? What are your inner motives, what gives you energy? Once you’ve figured this out, you can respond to this and ultimately increase your happiness at work. Insight into your pitfalls and development potential will also, help you to prevent dysfunction. The Talentscan will help you determine whether an assignment or position suites you or not. But can also explain why you get stuck in your current situation.

Classes on location or virtual? You make the choice!

All our training and education is also taking place physically again. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch government and our branch protocol. You can find the latest status at www.sn.nl/over-ons/corona-maatregelen. If you choose the 'virtual class' option when you register, all your lessons will be online. We guarantee the same quality and results. You can read all about it on www.sn.nl/opleidingen-en-trainingen/virtual-classroom-en.


Costs Coaching

The investment for Talentscan (also online) is € 375,00 (excluding 21% VAT).

Start now with Talentscan (also online)

Talentscan (also online)

€ 375,00 VAT not applied

Starts on Tue 1 February 2022,


€ 375,00 VAT not applied

During these steps you can choose your start date

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