Selecting, developing and retaining the best people for your organisation. With the smart assessment platform from Ixly.

Talented employees are crucial to the success and even the survival of an organisation. In order to find and retain this talent, it is important to gain insight into their hidden talents, competencies and motivations. The Ixly assessment platform helps you with that.

Ixly supports customers worldwide in matching, developing and retaining talents. With more than 50 tests, psychometric games and assessments, we deliver fast, user-friendly HR solutions. All instruments are scientifically substantiated and have been developed by passionate psychologists, psychometrists and software developers. Our mission is to help employers and employees achieve goals, find happiness at work and contribute to productivity. Smartscience. Happy people.


  • Selection assessment
  • Assessments for development
  • Assessments for staff retention
  • Career development assessment
  • Career choice test
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Custom-Made Courses, Training and Consultancy

In order to create an even greater impact, we will provide you with client-specific reports bearing your logo and corporate identity. We will ensure that everyone can do what they’re supposed to do by providing training sessions, and we will perform extensive data analyses to allow us to draw up better candidate selection profiles and identify people’s training requirements.

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