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Strong & Personal

Leadership is not self-evident: good leadership in the context of work today is also being led. As an organization with a big heart for the human side of leadership and management, we see this as one of the important pillars within our offer. After all, good leadership ensures that professionals and teams are the best versions of themselves, making them and their organizations strong and agile. And although the concept of 'leadership' has changed in recent decades, our vision of good leadership remains as relevant as ever.

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Organizations Characteristics
  • Extensive knowledge & skills
  • Personal leadership
  • Professionals & Teams

Personal effectiveness


At Schouten and Nelissen, we want you to be the best version of yourself every day. To achieve that, self-knowledge and purpose as an individual and professional is crucial. By increasing your awareness, you can confidently make the choices that benefit you and give free rein to your strengths. By following various training courses in the fields of personal strength, assertiveness and influencing skills, you will learn how to make the most of your working day.

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Organizations Characteristics
  • Training & Education
  • Influencing skills
  • Personal power
  • Assertiveness



Being able to communicate effectively is an indispensable skill for those who want to own their strength. Conveying a message with tact, being able to read the room at a glance or convincing a group of people are all skills that will take you further in your personal and professional life.

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Organizations Characteristics
  • Business & Private
  • Listen & Observe
  • Verbal & Nonverbal

vitality & stress


Healthy tension makes you sharp and ensures that you can function properly. Tension only becomes problematic when it turns into stress and causes you to no longer be able to relax or even experience physical complaints. Schouten & Nelissen considers job satisfaction to be of paramount importance.

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Organizations Characteristics
  • Individual & organization
  • Assertiveness, time management and stress resistance
  • Resilience & vitality

career, JOBS & mobility


Nowadays, there are simply no more carved-out career paths. To remain relevant, it is necessary to constantly develop yourself with knowledge and skills. But the future calls for even more than that; if you want to keep up, resilience, imagination, assertiveness and a growth mindset are crucial.

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Organization Characteristics
  • Growth Mindset
  • Tips to keep growing
  • Determine your course of action

coaching & training skills


The right coaching not only leads to more job satisfaction but also to greater effectiveness and goal orientation. Schouten & Nelissen has been making the Dutch working population stronger since 1980. This means that we help people realise their maximum potential and enjoy going to work. We like to use coaching: a proven and effective way to stimulate your personal development and empowerment.

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Organization Characteristics
  • More job satisfaction
  • Higher effectiveness
  • Goal oriented

advice & consultancy


As an advisor and consultant, you make the most impact when you know exactly where your strengths lie and what drives you. Schouten & Nelissen makes you stronger by helping you gain this insight and build on it.

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Organization Characteristics
  • Increase your inner strength
  • Build trusting relationships
  • Carefully selected offer

ORGANIsATIONAL development


In today's rapidly changing working climate, it is necessary for an organisation to constantly keep developing to remain relevant. This requires more than just knowledge and skills. The future calls for the willingness to learn, imagination and a growth mindset. That is why, at Schouten & Nelissen, we make your organisation stronger with power skills: the knowledge and abilities that keep you moving forward.

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Organisation Characteristics
  • Establish a climate for learning and development
  • Practical guidelines
  • Changing culture
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