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Equality and Sustainability

As far back as 1983, Jan Schouten, the founder of Schouten & Nelissen, felt that everyone should have equal access to opportunities to learn and grow. For this reason, he taught assertiveness courses on Dutch TV for whomever felt they needed a bit more assertiveness in their lives, free of charge. Fast-forward to 2024, and this principle is still highly valued at Schouten & Nelissen. We’d like to make a positive contribution, both to human lives and to our planet. We also hope to inspire others to make a positive change to the world.


People, Planet, Profit

Our CSR working groups, which are made up of passionate employees of various organisations affiliated with Schouten & Nelissen, are working on several initiatives that are in line with the three focus areas of sustainable development: People, Planet and Profit. Whether we focus on diversity and inclusiveness or on sustainable leadership, we always seek to challenge ourselves and be innovative.

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We seek to help people realise their full professional potential, while at the same time focusing on their personal wellbeing. Things we are proud of:

  • Our Energize index of 7.4, which shows how dedicated we are to energising and motivating our people.
  • Our efforts to promote diversity and inclusiveness through our DE&I programme, which is implemented at the organisation-wide level and has received positive feedback from our employees. 
  • Our Sustainable Leadership module, which helps organisations play their part in corporate social responsibility and sustainability.
  • The professional and personal development opportunities with which we provide our employees, which were rated 7.6 in the Energize scan.
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We actively seek to preserve our planet. Among other things, we are doing the following:

  • Reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by using smart transport solutions. 
  • Conserving energy by using more energy-efficient lighting solutions.
  • Seeking to do our jobs without using any paper.
  • Purchasing sustainable products and using proper waste management methods.
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Our impact is measurable and we are proud of our results:

  • We have trained and coached 43,050 persons around the globe.
  • We have a customer satisfaction score of 8.2, awarded by our course attendees and employees.
  • We have a dedicated team of 214 fixed-term employees and 706 freelancers.

Our journey


Our CSR policy is formulated and translated into specific targets in relation to People, Planet and Profit.


We have held the ISO 9001 certificate since August 29, 2017.


Since May 10, 2019, we have held the ISO 27001 certificate.


We are awarded our first Ecovadis Silver Certificate.


CSR working groups are established to collect and implement ideas.


We have already made significant gains, e.g. a 20% reduction in the carbon dioxide emitted by our fleet of vehicles over the course of 5 years, as well as a 50% reduction in the number of printers. However, we continue to be ambitious. 


We aim to sort 95% of our waste.


We aim to reduce the amount of paper we use by 80%.



Quality and safety are our priorities. We are proud of our ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, which emphasize our commitment to quality management and information security, respectively. These recognitions confirm that we are dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services, continuously improving our operations, and protecting customer data against all threats.

Furthermore, S&N has received the EcoVadis Silver certificate, placing us in the top 25% of companies in terms of sustainability performance. This demonstrates our conviction and actions towards the environment, ethics, and social responsibility.

These certifications assure our customers of our commitment to the highest standards in quality, safety, and sustainability.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are taking the following steps to help achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals:

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Quality education

We encourage our clients all over the world to offer all their employees appropriate training or coaching courses. This allows all workers to remain productive and relevant in our rapidly changing society.

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Gender equality

Our DE&I programme helps our own employees as well as our clients to become more aware of the importance of diversity and inclusiveness, and of the role played in all this by unconscious bias. 

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Decent work and economic growth

Our aim is to ensure that everyone working at Schouten & Nelissen benefits from this fact. This is what makes working at Schouten & Nelissen fun, and a nice challenge – employees are granted plenty of autonomy and opportunities to realise their personal ambitions and achieve goals. Moreover, our employees help other people grow during the course of their career. Our goal is to ensure that people are stronger when they leave Schouten & Nelissen than when they first arrived.

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Responsible consumption and production

We purchase sustainable products, sort our waste and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions where possible.

Final thought

At SN, we believe that everyone has the power to make a difference. Together we can create a more sustainable and more just world.

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