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We increase the impact of individuals, teams, and organisations with power skills - the knowledge and skills that maintain your strength and keep you moving forward. 

The power of professional development and personal growth. The world around us is always evolving. So how do you stay relevant as an individual or an organisation? How do you ensure that you go in strong every time you face a new, challenging situation? That you not only follow developments but control them? This requires the ability to learn and adapt. A unique combination of personal skills, insight, and knowledge. In other words: power skills. With these skills, we empower you. With these skills, we help people, teams, and organisations to maintain their strength and keep moving forward. We do this with the best education, training, bachelors, and masters we have to offer.

Education & Training

  • Training & Education
  • Masters, master modules & master classes
  • HBO, bachelor’s & post-HBO
  • Vocational training
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We make individuals, teams and organisations more impactful by teaching them power skills, i.e. knowledge and skills that will make and keep you strong and active.

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