S&N kicks off with the legacy campaign "& Stronger"

Schouten & Nelissen, the training company based in Zaltbommel and pioneer of the modern approach to personal and organizational development, is making its presence known (and seen) through a comprehensive 360-communication campaign. With "courage" as its core value, Schouten & Nelissen aims to empower individuals and, by extension, the organizations they work for, strengthening them in both work and life. "Going harder, from the heart."

This enterprising family business has been around for over 40 years and continues to grow steadily both domestically and internationally. Together with VENGEAN, the brand and portfolio strategy was defined, giving each of its now 11 subsidiaries (including SUAS and Relevance), active in 65 countries, a place under the corporate parent brand's umbrella. The group's activities include accredited education (bachelor's and master's degrees), training, coaching, research, and organizational development.

"At our core is the broad development of people. Since our founding, we've operated with the belief that assertive, courageous people are stronger and happier in their work and lives, thereby also strengthening the organizations they work for. In this way, we collectively realize a positive impact on the society in which individuals and organizations operate." Marieke Schouten, Director of Competence Trainings Institute & Chief DNA Officer at Schouten & Nelissen

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