Always keep investing in knowledge Ron Weck’s story

Ron Weck

In a world in which knowledge becomes obsolete as soon as you’ve mastered it, Ron Weck proves that lifelong learning is essential, regardless of your age. Ron, a QA/QC manager, decided to work on his professional development by taking the HBO-level Business Processes module. It was his first course at the HBO (university of applied sciences) level.

Ron wishes to emphasise the importance of continued learning, particularly for older people, who tend to be overlooked in this regard. He proved how valuable he was by applying his newly gained expertise to his job, which involves the optimisation of business processes.

The module requires students to attend four days’ worth of lectures. In addition, students work on a practical assignment, a deliverable. In other words, they work and study at the same time, which can be a bit of a challenge. If you don’t want things to go smoothly, start reading about the subject in advance and don’t put off completing your first assignments.

Ron found that many of the other students encountered the same issues he did: a lack of good communication, as well as a lack of structure in the way information was shared between different departments. So it was very helpful for him to be able to exchange experiences with others during the days on which he attended lectures.

Business administration is a programme that teaches many different types of skills, such as understanding and improving processes. Ron developed ‘power skills’, and was able to utilise his newly gained knowledge in his organisation quite effectively.

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