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Advice & Consultancy: Thorough and empathetic

As an advisor and consultant, you make the most impact when you know exactly where your strengths lie and what drives you. Schouten & Nelissen make you stronger by helping you gain this insight and build on it.

Together we increase your inner strength by teaching you to build trusting relationships, to utilize resistance, to argue convincingly and to move strategically within the field of influence of your organization or that of your client.

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Our carefully selected range of education and training ensures that your skills as an internal or external consultant are lifted to a higher level. This offer contains various strategies and influencing styles that teach you to better substantiate and convey your advice. With that as your motivation, we help you to achieve your optimal potential as an advisor or consultant using the latest scientific insights and innovations. You can be certain that we are fully committed to empowering you as an advisor or consultant.

At Schouten & Nelissen, we help individuals as well as entire organizations to get their employees to embrace change and get them moving. We believe that this ability is crucial to keep up with the ever-changing working landscape. Strong individuals contribute to the strength of organizations, and vice versa. That is why we lend our support to organizations in invigorating their employees. We achieve this through the application of smart scans, feedback tools, activation initiatives, tailored processes, and more. By doing so, we aid employers in enabling their employees to work and perform with enthusiasm and vigour.

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