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Coaching and training skills: Focused and involved

The right coaching not only leads to more job satisfaction but also to greater effectiveness and goal orientation. Schouten & Nelissen has been making the Dutch working population stronger since 1980. This means that we help people realise their maximum potential and enjoy going to work. We like to use coaching for this: a proven and effective way to stimulate personal development and empowerment.

At Schouten & Nelissen we have our own coaches who are ready to help you. For example, you can become stronger in the field of personal effectiveness, management or lifestyle. Selected coaching tracks are also an option: We make sure that you always get the coaching you need and that suits you!

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We help both individuals and entire organizations to become stronger. There is a customized coaching program for everyone who needs it, as a person or as a group. Those who like to coach people themselves and share our passion for this have also come to the right place at Schouten & Nelissen. Over the past few decades, we have developed a wide range of training courses for coaches. For example, you can follow training in the field of practical coaching skills or follow an in-depth master module, like Team Coaching and Group Interventions.

We offer professionals various ways to work on their coaching and training skills. With internationally recognized methods such as Co-Active, ORSC and PCM, we help everyone to become a better coach.

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