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Management & leadership: strong and personal

Leadership is not self-evident: to be able to provide good leadership in the context of work today, you also need to receive leadership. As an organization deeply committed to the human side of leadership and management, we see this as one of the important pillars within our offer. After all, good leadership ensures that professionals and teams can be the best version of themselves, making themselves and their organizations strong and agile. And although the concept of 'leadership' has changed in recent decades, our vision of good leadership remains as relevant as ever.

Traditional top-down leadership is quickly making way for service leadership, in which the person behind the professional is central.

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This also concerns the people and the organization he or she supervises. Self-awareness, observation, reflection and empathy are therefore indispensable skills for a modern leader. A modern leader inspires, motivates and gets people involved in a shared vision. By not fearing but embracing change, the leaders of tomorrow keep their people strong and moving. Schouten & Nelissen knows how different leadership styles and skills enable professionals and teams to excel and therefore has the right offer for every leader who wants to grow.

But these days leadership also has a broader interpretation that is just as important for professionals without a managerial position. In recent years, personal leadership has become increasingly important. In the working world, where change and adaptability are on the calendar every day, you must be able to determine your course: from clearly acknowledging and stating what you need to continue your development, to achieving goals by planning with the resources and people around you. More and more professionals are taking the road to success into their own hands.

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"We coach and train leaders, professionals and organizations who embrace leadership to create impact with the right knowledge and personal skills."

With their team and organization and on their environment. To this end, we offer a variety of specialised customized services. Discover below how our offer can also strengthen your leadership.

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