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Organisational development: powerful and inspiring

In today's rapidly changing working climate, it is necessary for an organisation to constantly keep developing to remain relevant. This requires more than just knowledge and skills. The future calls for the willingness to learn, imagination and a growth mindset. That’s why, at Schouten & Nelissen, we make your organisation stronger with power skills: the knowledge and skills that keep you moving forward.

We help every organisation to realise a learning and development climate that ensures continuous progress on all fronts.

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We use the latest scientific insights, models and practical tools for this. With this, for example, organisations learn how they can guide a restructuring or cultural change as effectively as possible or how processes and collaborations can be run most efficiently. In our innovative training and education, we also go beyond the beaten track. You learn to stimulate your creativity and that of others and to develop good ideas. With our training programs, we guide both organizations and individuals.

Schouten & Nelissen has specialised in empowering employees, employers and entire organisations for more than four decades. With our range of proven effective training courses, training scans and change processes, we help people to realise effective and sustainable change. That is how we give every organization the ability to take big steps!

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