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At Schouten & Nelissen, we want you to be the best version of yourself every day. To achieve that, self-knowledge and purpose as an individual and professional is crucial. By increasing your awareness, you can confidently make the choices that benefit you and give free rein to your strengths. By following various training courses in the fields of personal strength, assertiveness and influencing skills, you will learn how to make the most of your working day.

However, we know that personal effectiveness also involves a healthy balance. That is why we also offer many courses that teach you valuable skills such as time management and mindfulness. Personal effectiveness makes you feel better about yourself, achieve more professional success, and get more pleasure out of your work.

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Our training and educational courses teach you how to take initiative, better safeguard your limits and dare to say 'no' more often. You can also work with a coach who will investigate your personal obstacles and obstructive thoughts. Together you will work to overcome these and use personal effectiveness for business growth. This way, you gradually discover that you are braver than you think and more steadfast.

Schouten & Nelissen is committed to helping people, teams and organizations discover what matters to them, in their working life and beyond.

With training and education for individuals and customized research and change processes for teams and organizations. All to get stronger!

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