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Healthy tension makes you sharp and ensures that you can function properly. Tension only becomes problematic when it turns into stress and causes you to no longer be able to relax or even experience physical complaints. Nelissen considers job satisfaction to be of paramount importance.

"We believe it is very important that employees and employers get through the day energetically and go home recharged. That is why we provide several trainings and courses that teach you how to reduce stress at work."

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By doing so, we help both individuals and entire organizations. For example, various organizations within Schouten & Nelissen have the in-house expertise to support employers in achieving a healthy working climate. By conducting various scans, employees gain insight into their well-being and immediately receive tools to get started. When everyone works together pleasantly, your organization will get the most out of a working day!

On an individual level, this means that we discover the underlying causes behind stress together. Think, for example, of unclear agreements or responsibilities, insufficient support from a manager and unrealistic schedules. Some factors we can eliminate and others we can manage. We look at what personal stress factors are and how to deal with them. We do this with training and education in the fields of assertiveness, time management and stress resistance. That’s how we stimulate resilience and vitality, and we ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin. Only then can you empower yourself at work and achieve the best possible results.

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