Competence x Co-Active Leadership Experience (CLE)

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Competence proudly announces the launch of the Co-Active Leadership Experience (CLE), a three-day training focused on deepening leadership skills. This unique experience enables participants to recognize reactive behaviours and transform them into creative behaviours, allowing them to lead more effectively in diverse contexts.

Competence provides this training in English, since they are the exclusive partner in Europe. It is accessible to a wide range of professionals, including leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches, and consultants. Whether you are familiar with the Co-Active approach or not, this training is designed to support anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.

The Co-Active Leadership Experience is suitable for individuals seeking to develop a deeper sense of authority and purpose in their lives, as well as for leaders leading small, inspired startups or large Fortune 100 companies. By focusing on maximizing individual potential and promoting authentic leadership, this training provides a valuable opportunity for growth and development on both professional and personal levels.

Use the code MEETCLE to get a 15% discount on the Co-Active Leadership Experience.

You can find more information about this training and how to participate in Competence - Co-Active Leadership (ENG) here.

Modular Intermediates programme follow-up
After completing your Fundamentals of Co-active coaching or ORSC, you may want to start with your Intermediate level. From now on, you can follow the blocks of the Intermediate programmes modularly. This gives you more flexibility in when you want to follow the modules. Do you want to attend modules at different locations? This is also possible. You can tailor your Intermediate program to your needs.

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