suas best trainer in year 2023!

Training courses from Schouten & Nelissen are the most recommended

The MT1000 survey, which is conducted annually by the University of Amsterdam on behalf of the MT/Sprout platform and identifies the thousand best service providers in the Netherlands, has selected SUAS as the winner. SUAS not only appears to provide the best education and training for employees, but also scores highest in the category of HR assessment services.

For SUAS, formerly Schouten & Nelissen University of Applied Sciences, the result is proof that the institute's working method is popular with the target group. Ronald de Vries, the director of SUAS, adds: “Business decision makers are demanding. They assess both the quality of our offering and the way we offer our services to our customers. The fact that we are at the top in both categories makes us enormously pride."

The survey also asked respondents which company they would recommend to colleagues, and again SUAS was ranked number 1. SUAS's impressive score on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is of particular importance, says De Vries.

”It is not just that the customer is satisfied, but also that they recommend us for using our products and services. That is the most valuable feedback we can receive.”

The MT1000 research is an initiative of the Amsterdam Center for Business Innovation, which is part of the University of Amsterdam and is carried out in collaboration with MT/Sprout. The 2023 survey involved 5,412 respondents who rated more than 2,120 companies. The assessments include criteria such as customer focus, product leadership and quality of execution. The research covers 62 different subject areas, divided into five main categories: Advice & Consultancy, HR, Finance, Digital and Mobility and Facility Services.

For us, this is not the first time that we have been recognized in the MT1000. As a family business, we have repeatedly achieved high scores in recent years. We have now achieved first place in the HR assessment category five times. SUAS has been named Trainer of the Year for the third time this year.

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