Work is the most important context for people to continue to develop. Personally and professionally.

But staying in motion does not always happen by itself. So what do you need as a person or organization to stay relevant?

Knowledge and skills alone are not enough. The future demands learning, resilience and imagination, assertiveness and a growth mindset.

Since 1980, Schouten & Nelissen has stood for learning to live. A comprehensive approach, founded on experience and qualitative knowledge. Coupled with the skills that help you continue to grow. In your work, your working life or your corporate culture. To keep playing your game or invent a new game for yourself. More flexible in spirit and more steady in character. You are braver than you think and smarter than you thought.

We believe in you! In your capacity to want and to be able. We have the means, the people and the methods to move you and your organization forward. To make you stronger. With a portfolio of specialized companies and proven and recognized specialists who always coach, train, teach, carry and keep challenging you at the right moments.

Together we increase your inner strength and the strength of your team or organization.

Together we go for the success this brings.

We & you strengthen each other!

Download here our Minizine

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