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Virtual training and education.

We're living in an extraordinary situation with different corona measures per country. We believe learning and developing never stops, even in circumstances as these. We'd like to offer you the possibility to study with us in the way you prefer. We are slowly starting up or face to face classes, but next to that, we offer you the possibility to study any of our courses online. How? By using virtual classrooms. This way you can continue to strengthen yourself and expand your skills and knowledge.

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Virtual training and virtual courses.

Do you prefer online training to face to face? Training in a virtual classroom makes it possible, just like in a face to face meeting, to discuss the theory, share your knowledge and experiences, to practice, give and receive feedback and to experiment.

Our team of online learning specialists has made special assignments to replace any physical or outdoor assignments. This way, we still meet our high quality standards.

You will achieve your goals, although the way you will achieve them can be slightly different. Our trainers are experts and know how to guide you online and will focus on your development goals or any other questions you might have.

What does this mean for you?

If you enroll in a virtual training, you will be granted access to the secure virtual classroom. You will login on the set date and time of your training and will meet the trainer and other participants in the virtual classroom on your phone or laptop.

The trainer will guarantee the same quality of training and will also ensure that there will be plenty of breaks in between. By using the online platform you will be able to hear and see each other.

A training day will now be divided into two virtual training sessions of a maximum of 4 hours. Instead of one full day. That means there will be an extra training day planned for the follow-up session of 4 hours. The trainer will discuss this with you and the other participants. We will also continue to use our online learning environment “MijnSN” for the individual online assignments.