Co-Active Coaching: Intermediate (CTI)

  • Time icon 12 days
  • Price icon €4,550.00
  • 15-26 participants
  • Enables you to start a professional career in coaching
  • Provides you the possibility to become an ICF accredited Co-Active Coach
  • Become a member of the international Co-Active Network with 22,000 members provides ongoing professional support
  • The courses in Amsterdam will be delivered in English and the courses in Zeist will be delivered in Dutch
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What can you expect from the training?


Coach with confidence in your own personal and unique style

You are a professional coach or want to coach either as an independent or internal coach on work-related and/or private development. This training is also very suitable if you want to learn powerful skills to apply in your work as a manager, HR business partner, L&D professional, trainer, teacher etc. You like to learn by practice and are open to reflection. You need at least a bachelor level of education.

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Your results after Co-Active Coaching: Intermediate (CTI)

After the course you will be able to:

  • Use visualization and imagery to help clients define their futures
  • Support people to discover their values, purposes and potential and living to them
  • Identify a client's self-defeating influences
  • Coach clients in opportunity-based rather than circumstance-based planning
  • Create a plan using our innovative 'right brain' planning method
  • Use new techniques to get clients to take dynamic, sustainable, effective action
  • Use structures to keep the client active
  • Coach your client using the principles of Fulfillment, Balance and Process

Content of Co-Active Coaching: Intermediate (CTI)

Changing people, transforming lives

One of the cornerstones of the Co-Active® model is that you focus on the whole person, not just one particular part of their life. People aren't compartmentalized. They are multi-faceted and dynamic, and the model allows you to work with whatever topic your client chooses. Whether a client wants to get coached on board meeting challenges, career development, or relationships, you will be equipped to do so effectively. You learn to coach anyone on anything with the confidence that you are supported by the most flexible and proven model in the coaching world. The model is the foundation of the training and is used throughout the workshops. The courses in Amsterdam will be delivered in English and the courses in Zeist will be delivered in Dutch.

The Co-Active® Program consists of three parts:

  • Fundamentals
  • Intermediate
  • Certification

Keep developing your soft skills with New Heroes

Upon completion of your training you will receive 6 months of access to the online platform New Heroes, where you can continue working on your skills in the field of personal strength, communication and leadership. Everything at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Visit for more information.



Training days

Each Intermediate workshop (fulfillment, balance, process and in the bones) is a 3 day course. On the second day of the workshop you will be requested to have a coaching conversation (by telephone) regarding a specific subject, with someone you know either work related or privately. This will take about one hour of your time and the next morning the results of this coaching conversation will be evaluated in traids.

As this course has no evening program you are not obliged to stay at the venue for the night. But you are free to stay in the hotel. If you would like to book one or more overnight stays at the venue and/or dinners, please contact the venue directly. Schouten & Nelissen will not book your overnight stays and/or dinners.

Workshop 1 to 4:

  • Day 1 from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)
  • Day 2 from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)
  • Day 3 from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)

Fulfillment - Deriving deep meaning and satisfaction from life

In this course, you will develop skills for helping clients discover their unique values, identify self-defeating influences, and create their own vision for a compelling future. Fulfillment coaching is about having clients let go of preconceived rules and limitations, and step into creating lives that are centered in what truly brings them alive.

Balance - Making powerful choices and taking effective action

In this course, coaches learn to assist their clients in developing new perspectives and creating a plan of action grounded in commitment. We live our lives in constant motion. It's easy to forget that we have choice in what we do. Balance coaching is about guiding your clients to make powerful life choices, and to select the experiences they want most, rather than dashing about trying to have it all.

Process - Fully experiencing the richness of any given moment

Coaches learn how to help clients work through emotionally-charged issues and to understand that, although uncomfortable, a client's mess, chaos, and confusion are part of his or her forward motion. Being with clients in both their messy and ecstatic places allows them to feel known, and in that mirror, to more fully know themselves.

Synergy - Integrates all of the learning principles into one powerful cohesive skill: Co-Active Coaching

This course focuses on integrating the coaching skills learned in previous courses and taking them to a higher level of impact and professionalism. It provides polish, depth and courage to better respond to a wide range of clients and coaching situations with creativity, confidence, and power.

Group size


The maximum group size for the training course is 26 participants.



The International Coach Federation (ICF), established in 1995, is the worldwide leader dedicated to advancement of the coaching profession through specifying high standards, providing independent certification and developing a global network of credentialed coaches.


At the end of the Intermediate training you will receive a certificate which shows that you participated in a 85.25-hours ICF accredited training program. This certificate gives access to Certification, the next level of the co-active coaching curriculum. If you are absent for more than one hour during Intermediate, the Coaches Training Institute practises the rule that you do not qualify for the certificate. The leaders have the authority to make exceptions to this rule.


The Co-Active Coach® Certification Program is a rigorous six-month virtual program in English combining hands-on coaching, ongoing group work and one-on-one supervision. After successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the written and oral certification exam, with the goal of becoming a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC). When you register for Certification it is possible to ask CTI for a Supervisor who speaks for example Dutch, German, French or Spanish.

Dates & Locations

Select a startdate

  • Fri. 08 December 2017
    Lesson days and times
    • Fri. 08 December 2017
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 09 December 2017
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 10 December 2017
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Fri. 19 January 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 20 January 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 21 January 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Fri. 23 February 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 24 February 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 25 February 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Fri. 23 March 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 24 March 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 25 March 2018
      09:30 - 17:30

    NH Hotel Grand Place Arenburg
    Rue d'Assaut 15,
    1000, Brussel

    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
  • Fri. 15 December 2017
    Lesson days and times
    • Fri. 15 December 2017
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 16 December 2017
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 17 December 2017
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Fri. 12 January 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 13 January 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 14 January 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Fri. 09 February 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 10 February 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 11 February 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Fri. 16 March 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sat. 17 March 2018
      09:30 - 17:30
    • Sun. 18 March 2018
      09:30 - 17:30

    Woudschoten conferentiecentrum
    Woudenbergseweg 54,
    3707 HX, Zeist

    • You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.



The investment in this course is € 4.550,00 (excluding 21% VAT). This amount excludes catering and accommodation costs.

Do you follow the course privately or via a VAT-exempt organization (for example the government, healthcare or financial institution)? We offer you the possibility to pay no VAT over the course that you would like to register for and also over those items that are inextricably connected to this specific course. If you chose for the VAT-exempt option, the investment in your course will be € 5.005,00. This option can be selected on the registration form found online, or you can indicate this during your personal registration over the telephone.

Package deal

If you register for Fundamentals and Intemediate before you start with Fundamentals, you will receive € 700,00 discount on the Intermediate price. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts. The highest discount will be valid. Please contact for further details and advice.

Catering and accommodation

Accommodation, coffee/tea and an extensive buffet lunch costs € 840,00 (excluding VAT).


You will receive an invoice upon receipt of your enrollment form. Please insure payment is settled within 30 days or before start of the training, at the latest.



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You may take an option for 2 weeks without any obligations.
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