Accreditions and certifications

Memberships Schouten & Nelissen is a member of the following associations or organizations, among others:


This association of qualified training institutes poses high requirements for its members in terms of professionalism, way of working, continuity, size and ISO 9001 certification. The rules of conduct relate to, for example, the confidentiality of all information about the performance of students.


The ‘Raad van Organisatie-Adviesbureau's’ ( Board of Organization Consultancy Agencies) ensures the professionalism, quality and reliability of the affiliated agencies. ROA members have common terms and conditions of delivery and adhere to a code of conduct to which you may hold Schouten & Nelissen.


Schouten & Nelissen is a member of OVAL. OVAL combines the strengths of service in the field of work, career and vitality. They contribute to sustainable employability, labor mobility, quality of work and life and hence of productivity of people.


The NRTO is the umbrella organization for all private training and education offices in the Netherlands. The NRTO has to put on the agenda of private training an important role in the Netherlands. The NRTO is a natural partner for politics, government departments, educational parties, civil society and the media.

Recognitions and accreditations


CEDEO provides insight into HR services by preparing pre-selections asked for by purchasing agents. CEDEO also measures the customer satisfaction of its affiliated members and provides a quality mark for it.

ISO 9001

Schouten & Nelissen is ISO certified. The ISO 9001 standard sets requirements for the quality management system of an organization.


A number of our Master programs and Master modules obtained recognition from the ‘Nederlands Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie’ (Dutch/Flemish Accreditation Organization). The accreditation is mentioned in the description of the relevant programs and modules.


A number of trade associations have designated Schouten & Nelissen as an accredited training institute. MfN and NOBCO, among others, have assigned ‘PE-punten’ (Education Points) to many of our products. Workers can gain these points as a measure for keeping up to date in their profession.